FAQ's in regards to E-Juice


Q: What are your PG/VG ratios?
A: Most all of our liquids are max VG. If the liquid name has the PG affix (example "PG Hype") then it is around 90% VG 10% PG. We do not add PG to those liquids, the PG is part of the base flavoring.


Q: Is vaping e-liquid safe?

A: This is a question that would have to be answered in the negative for nearly every product. However, using e-liquids instead of smoking is a safer life choice. We will always be able to make that statement. The underlying benefit of vaping instead of smoking is reducing the harm you can encounter while also relieving the pervasive symptoms of an addiction.


Q: This bottle tastes "off". Can I send it back?
A: Yes! Any juice that has arrived to you in the past two weeks or so can be sent back to us for a fresh batch, new flavor, or a refund. Simply mail the juice back to us along with your order number/e-mail address and a note stating that you would like a fresh bottle or refund. Please check your liquids when they come in! Our return info is:

Alien Visions E-Juice, Inc.
1805 W Avenue K
Suite 203G
Lancaster, CA 93534

More details can be found on our Shipping and Returns page.


Q: Do I need to steep your liquids?
A: Some customers swear by steeping their juice for a week or two (letting the juice sit unused), and while we do not advise against steeping, we do feel that our liquids are ready to vape when they arrive. If you do decide to steep your liquids, please test them for flavor discrepancies when they first arrive so you aren't short on juice down the road!


Q: How should the liquids be handled/stored?
A: Even though our bottles have child resistant caps, please keep the liquids out of reach of small children and away from persons under the legal age to use these products. Our liquids should be stored at room temperature. If you live in a place where it is really hot or really cold, room temperature may need to be adjusted in those cases. Around 70°F is optimal. Direct sunlight will degrade any liquid very quickly and we strongly advise that you keep these liquids out of direct sunlight for extended amounts of time.


Q: Do you ship internationally? I did not see my country listed.
A: Presently, we are unable to ship internationally aside from Canada. This is something we are working on changing in the future. That said, many customers in other countries opt to use third-party re-shipping companies to have our liquid sent worldwide. Please note that we are not directly affiliated with any of these companies and any shipping issues would need to be resolved directly with the third party.It would also be best to ensure they are willing to ship e-liquid or at least do not expressly forbid it.


If you are looking to vendor our flavors and you are outside of the USA or Canada, contact us and we will most likely be able to set something up for us to ship to you.


Q: Do you offer a wholesale program?
A: Yes we do! Please e-mail avejuicedark@gmail.com for more details or any questions you may have. We can typically get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.


Q: Do you offer 50% VG 50% PG mixes or anything similar?
A: No we do not. We try to make all our liquids 100% VG. We do have some juices that carry PG in them but that is only because it is part of the flavoring. We don't carry PG or use it while concocting our creations.


Q: Do you guys still carry the Green glass bottles? If you do what do I have to do to get one?
A: No we do not carry the glass bottles anymore. The reason is that the liquid was hard to squeeze out of the type of bottle so we switched to the bottles we currently have.


WARNING: E-Liquid contains nicotine which is highly toxic and very addictive. Keep away from children and pets. E-Liquid is only intended to be used with electronic cigarettes, E-Cigs, E-Cigars, E-Pipes or vaporizers. Not for use or sale to anyone UNDER THE AGE OF 18 or what is legal in your state. If you are unsure please check with local laws to make sure you are of legal age to use these products.

Please read the following carefully and take the necessary precautions when dealing with and handling nicotine products.

  • Keep E-liquid and its associated devices locked up, out of the reach of children and pets at all time.
  • Seek medical attention in case of an accident or if you feel unwell.
  • Seek medical attention if these products are ingested.

Important information and tips in regards to Nicotine:

  • It is highly toxic (In it's most pure form and can cause serious harm in large quantities)
  • It is very addictive
  • Can cause irritation if it comes in contact with skin. If it does come into contact with the skin wash immediately with soap and water. If it comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention
  • Do not use if you are pregnant, and/ or breastfeeding. It may cause harm to the (un)born child
  • Vapor from E-liquid may cause irritation to the eyes and skin
  • Vapor from E-liquid may cause drowsiness or dizziness


Q: What is diacetyl and what are the risks? 


A: Diacetyl is an organic compound found in many food flavorings and has an intensely buttery taste. It has been correlatively linked to a lung disease found in a small percentage of workers (8) at a microwave popcorn packaging plant. It has also been the target of much debate and fear in the e-cigarette industry as some e-cigarette flavors have been found to contain diacetyl. 


After much research on the subject, sifting through case studies, etc. it is evident that the minor concentrations an e-cigarette user would encounter doesn’t even come close to what the average cigarette smoker encounters, and the lung disease associated with diacetyl has never been reported from the use of tobacco cigarettes (or e-cigarettes). To be clear, diacetyl in high enough concentrations has been correlatively associated with a serious lung disease. The diacetyl concentrations in e-cigarettes are approximately 750 times lower than those found in traditional tobacco cigarettes and there have been no reports of this lung disease associated with cigarettes. The workers who did develop the lung disease from working in their plant were exposed to concentrations of diacetyl frequently that were many times higher than those found in tobacco cigarettes, let alone e-cigarettes.


More studies and evaluation need to be done on the links between diacetyl and this disease, and also on the general safety of e-cigarette use. Based on the evidence e-cigarettes can still be considered logically far safer than the use of tobacco cigarettes.



  • Always follow warnings and manufacturers instructions for both the battery and the battery-operated product. Use only correct type and size battery indicated.
  • Check the contacts of both the battery and the battery-operated product for cleanliness.
  • Always insert the batteries correctly with regard to polarity (-/+), matching the positive and negative symbols of both battery and product. Putting them in backwards, the product will sometimes still operate, but may inadvertently charge the batteries resulting in venting or leaking.
  • Remove and safely dispose of exhausted batteries immediately.
  • Replace all batteries in battery-operated products at the same time and with the batteries of the same type and manufacture.
  • Do not short circuit batteries. When the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of a battery are in contact with each other, the battery can become short circuited. Example, loose batteries in a pocket with keys or coins can be short circuited possibly resulting in venting or explosion.
  • Do not heat batteries.
  • Do not crush, puncture, dismantle or otherwise damage batteries.
  • Do no charge non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Keep batteries out of the reach of small children.


Age Verification

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