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  • Sep 26th 2019

    Vape Bans

    Greetings All,This blog post will probably be updated frequently due to the changing regulations per…

    Published by Sam E.

  • Sep 24th 2019

    Massachusetts Vape Ban

    Howdy folks,     As of today, Massachusetts has issued a 4-month ban on the sale of a…

    Published by Allen H.

  • Aug 28th 2019

    Labor Day Sale 2019!

    Howdy folks, Two pieces of good news for you this week: first off, we have a sale right around…

    Published by Allen H.

  • Jun 24th 2019

    Independence Day 2019!

    Howdy folks, Our next major sale is right around the corner as we celebrate Independence Day! From…

    Published by Allen H.

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