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FAQ's in regards to E-Juice

Q: What happened to Boba’s and when is it coming back?

A: A supplier of ours that carried the recipe and main formula for Boba’s closed without giving us prior notification. It was abrupt and not planned. We don’t have the recipe for Boba’s so we do not have a time frame if it might become available again.

Q: What are your PG/VG ratios?
A: Most all of our liquids are max VG. If the liquid name has the PG affix (example "PG Hype") then it is around 90% VG 10% PG. We do not add PG to those liquids, the PG is part of the base flavoring.

Q: Can I ingest/drink/bathe/inject etc, these liquids?
A: You can however IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED YOU DO NONE OF THESE THINGS! Please DO NOT ingest/bathe/inject/drink any of these liquids. Alien Visions E-Juice Inc. is not responsible for the misuse/abuse of liquids and we do not encourage any type of behavior other than what the liquid is intended for (vaping.)

Q: What happens if any of the above occur?
A: Please seek medical attention!

Q: This bottle tastes "off". Can I send it back?
A: Yes! Any juice that has arrived to you in the past two weeks an be sent back to us for a fresh batch, new flavor, or a refund. Simply mail the juice back to us along with your order number/e-mail address and a note stating that you would like a fresh bottle or refund. Please check your liquids when they come in! Our return info is:

Alien Visions E-Juice, Inc.
1805 W Avenue K
Suite 203G
Lancaster, CA 93534

More details can be found on our Shipping and Returns page.

Q: Do I need to steep your liquids?
A: Some customers swear by steeping their juice for a week or two (letting the juice sit unused), and while we do not advise against steeping, we do feel that our liquids are ready to vape when they arrive. If you do decide to steep your liquids, please test them for flavor discrepancies when they come in so you don't miss the window of our two-week replacement policy!

Q: How should the liquids be handled/stored?
A: Even though our bottles have child resistant caps, please keep the liquids out of reach of small children and away from persons under the legal age to use these products. Our liquids should be stored at room temperature. If you live in a place where it is really hot or really cold, room temperature may need to be adjusted in those cases. Around 70°F is optimal. Direct sunlight will degrade any liquid very quickly and we strongly advise that you keep these liquids out of direct sunlight for extended amounts of time.

Q: Do you ship internationally? I did not see my country listed.
A: Yes, we do ship internationally. We are using a trusted third party, International Checkout. You will find that when you go to checkout there will be two checkout buttons: one is for domestic and the other is for international. There are a couple countries that they cannot ship to, so please refer to the shipping and refunds link located on the home page towards the bottom.

Q: Do you offer a wholesale program?
A: Yes we do! Please e-mail avejuicecs@gmail.com with questions, and for applicants, e-mail avejuicedark@gmail.com

Q: Do you offer 50% VG 50% PG mixes or anything similar?
A: No we do not. We try to make all our liquids 100% VG. We do have some juices that carry PG in them but that is only because it is part of the flavoring. We don't carry PG or use it while concocting our creations.

Q: I don't see the EVO line of liquids. Where is the link?
A: We no longer carry the EVO line. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q: Do you guys still carry the Green glass bottles? If you do what do I have to do to get one?
A: No we do not carry the glass bottles anymore. The reason is that the liquid was hard to squeeze out of the type of bottle so we switched to the bottles we currently have.

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